Broken Sowrd 2 [PC]

George Stobbard's girlfriend, Nico, stumbles upon the drug smuggling operations of a Central American cartel. Drug lords don't like witnesses, so they kidnap Nico to keep her quiet. If that wasn't enough, Nico's kidnapping is also related to a mysterious piece of obsidian. Stobbard is the only one who can save Nico and solve the mystery behind the unusual stone. You, as Stobbard, must solve puzzles in such exotic locales as Mexico, France, Britain, and the Caribbean. Luckily, clues to solving all the puzzles can be found by listening to the spoken dialogue of the locals and paying attention to the hand-drawn graphics and animation. Will Stobbard be able to save Nico from the drug lords? Play BROKEN SWORD II: The Smoking Mirror to find out.

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