Mass Effect 2 [PC]

Mass Effect 2 is the second chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy of action role-playing games developed by BioWare and again focuses on the adventures of series protagonist, Commander Shepard. The game picks up after the events of the original game, and kicks off with the unexpected death of Shepard after the player's spacecraft, the Normandy, is attacked by an unknown force. Shepard's body is recovered and reconstructed by a human supermacist organization called Cerberus. Upon being brought back to life Shepard is tasked with recruiting a diverse team of specialists that can help defeat the series' primary bad guys; the Reapers and their insect-like pawns, the Collectors. Players with save game files from the first Mass Effect have the option of importing them into Mass Effect 2 so that decisions made in the previous adventure have a direct impact on the story.

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Note:  All the parts are in .rar format. After downloading all the parts from above,
Unzip PART1 and extract it and install the game.

Password while extracting is


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